It's-a-me! michelle!

Hey you! It’s your girl, Michelle, the beauty obsessed junkie. You know, the one who has a lifetime supply of Peachy Nude Lipsticks? The one obsessed with finding the new no-makeup makeup? Yeah, that’s me. 

For a while I struggled to define my hobbies and passions. I like to draw, I do graphic design for a living (if you ever need a designer…), but what do I actually do in my free time thats considered a ‘hobby’? Is experimenting with my mother’s makeup considered a hobby? What about mixing different shampoos to get the perfect scent? I didn’t even know how I could put that on my 8th grade mock CV. After endless searching, it is clear that beauty is my hobby. It’s my passion.

As I got older, I began to look at beauty beyond just the aesthetics. I have started to look at not only what a product does but what it actually has inside of it that reflects its claims. Being a victim of marketing myself (still am, working on it), I made it my personal goal to help people be a little bit smarter when it comes to beauty. There’s a bunch of sh*t on the market right now and it can get us a little lost sometimes. I am not a beauty expert, just an enthusiast. Think of me as a friend just giving you advice. Concrete advice.