Bite Beauty Lip Lab: Creating My Own Custom Lipstick

Most of you know I am quite a big fan of lipsticks. I have enough to last me a lifetime–maybe two! I can never get enough lipsticks and am always in the search for the perfect shade for me. A colour I particularly struggle with is orange. I can't for the life of me look good in an orange effortlessly. I'm thinking it's because a lot of oranges have a coral undertone to them, which just makes my face look even more flushed if I am not wearing a medium or full coverage foundation (most times I only wear tinted moisturiser anyway).

Alas, this december, the time for me to finally have my perfect shades have come. Max indulged me this christmas with a trip to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC's SoHo area and my god was it an incredible experience. I filmed the whole thing in my very first vlog-style content here on BeautySh*t!

In the Lip Lab, you have 2 types of services: bespoke and à la carte. The bespoke service is $150 for two lipsticks that is fully custom, meaning you actually mix with pigments like yellow, red, blue, etc., then choose your own finish and scent. The à la carte service is $55 for one or $80 for two, lets you choose from 200 of their ready-made pigments (there really is a colour for everyone) and from that you can choose your own finish and scent. I got four of the à la cartes in the end. I'm telling you, there is no stopping me when it comes to lipstick! I got an MLBB shade, a rose gold top coat, a true orange, and a red-orange.

Let me know what you think of the video! If you like it, maybe I'll make some more of them. Still need to look for a way around this British weather though with the lack of natural lighting and all.