Will This Be the Cure to My Redness?

Hey it's been a while! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Aside from my travels I also just had a massive project submission that literally consumed my life. Back now to regular weekly updates though! Planning a whole bunch of new video content too so watch out for that. On to the review.

You know me and my constant struggle with redness. It's not only that I have sensitive skin, but I also flush very easily. It is important for me then to have an even, neutral base for my skin. The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness is nothing new and I'm super late on the bandwagon, but I was interested to see how well it will work on my skin.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness is a correcting cream that eliminates redness using colour-correcting technology and a soothing cream base. Most other colour-correcting creams for redness are usually green or mint in colour so it was quite confusing for me that this one looks more like a foundation that a colour-correcting cream. The cream is quite thick and very little goes a really long way. It only comes in one shade and is said to fit all types of skin tones. I wouldn't say so myself. The colour is quite light-medium and at the time I was trying this out, when I used too much I could definitely see my skin getting ashy because it just was too light for my skin. That said, if I used only a little bit, I can definitely get away with it especially when topped with my darker tinted moisturiser.

As you can see from the pictures, it definitely concealed my redness but I feel like it is not really doing anything a medium-full coverage foundation can't do. The finish is also a little heavy for me, especially because I prefer super light coverage base makeup usually, so it really isn't something I feel like I can use on a daily basis. For special occasions though this would be great.


I don't think this is exactly a cure for my redness that I like and can use daily. It is just too heavy for me and looks just like I'm using a full-coverage foundation, which is something I don't quite like. If you are light or light-medium in skin colour, this will definitely suit you. Other than that, I would say this is a pass for me.