Great Podcasts You Should Listen To

Shown here:  B&O H4 Headphones , the headphones I use

Shown here: B&O H4 Headphones, the headphones I use

Podcasts are quite literally the salvation to my long commutes. I don't know why there aren't more people listening to podcasts. In a nutshell, podcasts are like radio shows except without the music, discussing topics of your interest, for me, it ranges from fashion to science to the occult. Podcasts aren't really something you sit down and listen to I would say but are great to accompany you while you do your chores, commute, walk, etc.

The Prep WOrk

So listening to podcasts are simple and it's free. Apple has a built-in app on the iPhone to listen to podcasts but I much prefer an app called Overcast which has a playlist feature, custom speeds (for those occasional slow talkers), smart speed which shortens silences, voice boost, and it also syncs with their site in case you want to listen from your laptop. The interface is also easier to use. I do also recommend that you download episodes while on wi-fi (you can set it in the settings) since some can be quite large. Now onto the podcasts!

The podcasts


Fat Mascara - Beauty

Hosted by Jessica Matlin, Beauty and Health Director at Teen Vogue, and Jennifer Goldstein, Executive Beauty and Health Editor at Marie Claire, this beauty podcast is both candid, honest, and an absolute treat to listen to. They feature the best people in the industry (including Charlotte Tilbury, Rose-Marie Swift, and Bobbi Brown!) with fantastic interviews. 

Pop Fashion - Fashion News

Need your fashion news fix but too lazy to read all the articles? Pop Fashion rounds up the week's fashion news with commentary that is both relatable and insightful. Hosted by Kaarin Vembar and Lisa Rowan, the podcast is an easy listen while still keeping you in the fashion news loop.

Spirits - Myths, Legends, Folklore

Spirits discuss mythologies, legends, and folklore from different regions of the world–with booze. It's a really fun podcast and if you're really into Greek mythology or myths in general like me, this is a must-listen. The new format of the podcast also highlights things that you can learn from the myths discussed. Mostly that Greek Gods are giant a**holes.

TED Radio Hour - Ideas and Issues

If you're familiar with TED talks, this is basically the same thing made to radio format. It usually features about three different speakers talking about a common topic. Ideas that are discussed range from social sciences, innovation, and disruption, to things like understanding tolerance and making sense of the mundane.

Freakonomics Radio - Human Nature

If you like TED Radio Hour, I think you'll like Freakonomics Radio too. Made by the guys behind the popular books Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics, Freakonomics radio explores everyday human behaviour in a way that is honest, insightful, and very interesting. My fave episode is the 'How Big is My Penis (And Other Things We Ask Google).

The Last Podcast on the Left - Crime, Occult & Horror Comedy

Into weird cults, mysterious murders and serial killers? This podcast is for you. The hosts are literally the funniest people, and the comedy gives a really interesting take on something that would've been really morbid. Currently listening to their 5-part series for one of the most famous serial killers, Jack The Ripper.


Honorable Mentions: Sawbones (misguided medicine), 2 Dope Queens (stand-up comedy style), Song Exploder (behind-the-scenes of songs in the making)