So I Went Full-On Vegan For 3 Weeks – Here's What I Really Think

Roasted Buddha Bowl from Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon

Roasted Buddha Bowl from Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon

You'll know from my last post about health and food that I've really wanted to try and change my eating habits for the better. To be honest, I've never been a super believer in Veganism and I am a huuuge carnivore. What prompted my super impulsive dive into Veganism was my skin condition. I have some mild eczema and since coming back to Jakarta, my skin has really been reacting badly. Eczema isn't something you can totally cure but can definitely maintain. Keeping it at bay starts from your gut–or so I've heard.

After three weeks of going vegan, I've realised a couple things. One, being vegan in Jakarta can be hella expensive. Almond Milk, for example, costs me about Rp. 70,000 which, when converted, would make it around £4. There are definitely recipes that you can adapt into something vegan but your best bet is really to cook yourself. I found that recipes from Frugal Vegan are super easy, requires minimal ingredients, and are more budget conscious. Vegan recipes can somewhat seem quite pretentious, which really turn me off. If you don't have time, maybe consider getting catering service. I've been having Forking Clean's meals delivered to me everyday for lunch since I don't always have time to meal prep before work. I've gotta give it to them–they're so good at making vegan food that tastes amazingly real. I had a vegan 'pulled pork' sandwich the other day and literally, other than the texture of the pork not being present, the taste was amazing! They also make sure the menus are nutritionally balanced, which I love.

I feel like, jumping in, my mind wasn't ready. I kept thinking about all of the things I can't eat and not enough of what I can eat. Eating out becomes such a pain especially when you look at your friends eating steak. Once you've gotten past that mental obstacle, though, it really isn't too bad. What I love is getting the courage to try out different veggies and foods that I never would've tried had I not gone vegan. Burgreens hands down makes one of the best vegan meals I've had in a restaurant. Their burgers are super yum! My first week of being vegan was spent eating Burgreens nearly everyday. They also have a meal plan delivery service for you busy people, but I prefer to just have it delivered via Go-Jek when I feel like having it so I won't get sick of it.

I've also been sh*tting like crazy! I'm talking twice a day, super speedy poos! I feel empty all the time, but I've also gotten hungry much faster. Having a pack of nuts on hand really saves my tummy.

Now, to answer the big question: did it heal my skin and give me that glow? To be honest, no. I haven't seen anything significant yet, maybe in a few more weeks I'll see more effects. Being real, I haven't been a salad-eating, super clean food vegan either. I feel like, to compensate for the lack of protein, I've been piling on the carbs, which really isn't ideal and beside the point of the diet. The mindset to eat clean is really something that needs to be gradual. Placing limits on myself helps to give a push, but changing the habits really is a step-by-step thing. I think, after going cold turkey vegan for three weeks, I'll consider a more flexitarian approach just so I don't deprive myself and end up bouncing back to my carnivorous diet. Maybe allowing some animal byproducts when I'm travelling, special occasions, or when I'm just feeling like I need a boost. We'll see.

I'll definitely update on my vegan journey. Should I do a monthly diary style post like my natural deodorant detox journey? Let me know! Also do tell if this is something you are experiencing or are considering too!