LAYN: The Multistick You Need in Your Life

Coming back to Jakarta, I’ve become yet again another girl-on-the-go. The days that I have time to do makeup at home are days that either I woke up too early (which is close to never) or I actually have some time to chill (...also close to never). As a result, I’ve tried to minimise my makeup routine as much as I can and it really makes me love multitasking products so much. I have a couple existing faves such as my RMS Lip2Cheek in Modest and Smile and Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tints in Very Popular and Very Vivacious, but local makeup brand LAYN and their Multi Lipsticks are going into my life and it seems like they’re there to stay!

I got the shades Mona and Miro, which is a smoked rose-terracotta and a browned brick red respectively. LAYN’s shades are very earthy and warm-toned so it is incredibly flattering on warm skin tones. Their muted quality also ensures that the shades are never intimidating, even the darker ones. Miro, for example, looks as gorgeous dabbed on lightly or worn on full-opacity. There’s something about the shades that make my lips look very pouty which I am absolutely loving.

Mona is my everyday shade that I really don’t have to think about when wearing. It is darker than my usuals, but it looks gorgeous on the lids and cheeks as well. Definitely a keeper in my makeup bag. Miro, on the other hand, is something that I was initially super scared to wear because I was never a dark lip kinda gal. When I put it on, it gave me that vintage red vibe that really is not intimidating whatsoever. I don’t need a lip liner for this shade–in fact, having it blotted a tad messy gives a really sexed-up Maroon 5’s ‘She Will Be Loved’-esque feel which I’m totally in for. On the lids, I can see it being super editorial when topped with a gloss. 

These lipsticks are very reminiscent of Bourjois’ now discontinued Sweet Kiss Naturel formula with that Demi-Matte feeling on the lips. You can definitely wear it on its own and it won’t feel like life is being sucked out of your lips, but I still prefer to prep and prime my lips with Glossier’s Balm Dot Com before application. The pigmentation is more on the medium side and doesn’t give full opacity on the first swipe due to its more waxy texture. I’m totally fine with this as it does give some room to work with the lipstick. The wear-time is quite short for a demi-matte lipstick especially if you’re drinking and eating. It starts to show signs of fading on the 2-hour mark for me without drinking or eating. To be fair, I’m not really into lipsticks that stay for too long anyway since I do prefer to refresh my lipsticks once in a while, especially if I eat or drink. For something that is only Rp. 150,000 (that’s around £8-9), it really isn’t too bad.

The review wouldn’t be complete without talking about LAYN’s Rodin-meets-3 Concept Eyes packaging. The chubby square plastic packaging is super instagrammable and its thickness and weight keep it from feeling cheap. It's a little shorter and thicker than the Rodin lipstick but the material is more or less the same. The bullet design also makes it easy to apply to the lips in a way that is very beginner-friendly in addition to the medium-opacity and blendability the formula has.


Overall, the lipstick really is a great buy just for the shades alone. With a really pocket-friendly price tag, adding LAYN Cosmetics multi lipsticks to your collection should be a no-brainer. Honestly, the lipsticks are easy to use and I definitely see myself purchasing more. In fact, I loved it so much that when I thought I had lost my Miro, I got ready to put another one in my BOBOBOBO shopping cart–until I found it on my car seat of course because I’m clumsy like that. You can buy LAYN Cosmetics through their Whatsapp at 082111962235, BOBOBOBO or Ara Jakarta.