LUSH Gets 'Naked' This Holiday Season


Hey people! Writing from back in Jakarta now. It's been a while and I apologise for the late post! I was on a one week holiday in London and just before that I was so busy moving out. I swear, moving out, especially moving countries, is the worst and really drains your mind, body and soul. But anyways, I'm nice and settled now, albeit with a cold as a goodbye gift from England. On to the report!

Last Friday the 6th, I got the amazing chance to attend the LUSH Blogger Breakfast showcasing their exciting new releases. This holiday season, LUSH is all about their new 'Naked' products as well as both new and recurring seasonal favourites. I'd like to thank Sarah and Jo from LUSH Newcastle for inviting me to this lovely event! It was so lovely meeting the other blogger ladies as well. I came home with a couple goodies for myself and my friends of course.


LUSH's new 'Naked' products are made as a movement against packaging waste, something that LUSH is very much passionate about battling with their recycling scheme and non-virgin packaging. Their 'Naked' products are solid, packaging-less versions of their regular counterparts. The regular ones with packaging are still sold however so rest assured, if you prefer liquid or cream versions, you're still going to get your product in the form you love.

how lush gets 'naked'

The 'Naked' shower gels might look like glorified soap bars, but it doesn't have the same soap base as their regular glycerin soaps and is instead a 'waterless' version of their shower gels. It's also packed with Murumuru Butter to solidify the product and act as a natural preservative. When I tried it, it lathers similarly to a regular soap and is available in six cult fave scents such as Twilight (my fave) and Snow Fairy. It currently only comes in one size (250ml equivalent). I think a good way to use this would be to cut it into several pieces as the big bottle shape is far too large to use conveniently in the shower.

L - R: Snow Fairy 'Naked' Body Conditioner, Buck's Fizz 'Naked' Body Conditioner & Christingle 'Naked' Body Conditioner

L - R: Snow Fairy 'Naked' Body Conditioner, Buck's Fizz 'Naked' Body Conditioner & Christingle 'Naked' Body Conditioner

There are also new 'Naked' body conditioners currently in three different scents: Christingle (minty spearmint and grapefruit), Snow Fairy (sweet sugary candy), and Buck's Fizz, which is the same citrus scent as Bubbly Shower Gel). They also have one 'Naked' body lotion in Once Upon a Time, which also comes in a regular potted body lotion form. These super buttery products are packed with Murumuru Butter as well. It is so moisturising, in fact, that you really can step out of the shower and not have to use any lotion afterwards. My issue with this one is that it is incredibly prone to melting, especially if you are one fond of hot showers. They said that they are coming out with packaging options for both the shower gel and the body conditioners/lotions similar to how they sell separate packaging for their shampoo bars and massage bars, however for the time being, maybe keep it away from the hot steam of your shower when you're not using it.

Top Row L - R, Bottom Row L - R: Sugar Plum Fairy & Black Rose 'Naked' Lip Tints, Black Rose & Super Plum Fairy 'Naked' Lip Scrubs

Top Row L - R, Bottom Row L - R: Sugar Plum Fairy & Black Rose 'Naked' Lip Tints, Black Rose & Super Plum Fairy 'Naked' Lip Scrubs

I also had a chance to use their new 'Naked' lip scrubs and tints. I'll say it straight up, I LOVE the new lip scrubs. They are so buttery yet soft and exfoliating. The grains are much finer than their regular lip scrubs but because of the added butters that moisturise, it works to soften the dead skin before exfoliating them, which I find is much more effective. It currently comes in 3 flavours/scents: Santa Baby, Black Rose, and Sugar Plum Fairy. All of these flavours are on the sweeter side. There are also 'Naked' lip tints in three of the same variants as the lip scrubs, each with corresponding shades of poppy red, a berry, and a pink. These lip tints are great in theory, but with it being so soft, I worry that improper storage of it will attract dust and have it stick on the lip tint. Also, its nearly impossible to carry this around, although the colour does last quite a long time even after eating. They are working on packaging for these as well, but for the meantime, maybe keep the paper pouch they give you when they sell it. LUSH recommends that you apply the tints using a lip brush, but I find it works just as well applied directly to the lips and blended out with your fingers. Just make sure not to go overboard or The Joker will file a copyright suit.

Last but not least, LUSH came out with new 'Naked' sparkle jars in two cult scents (Twilight and Snow Fairy). Let me just say, these sparkle jars are SO CUTE! Twilight is a pastel purple moon and Snow Fairy is a pastel pink star. These sparkle jars are Massage Bar and Dusting Powder hybrids. The outer part of the product is the massage bar that houses the dusting powders inside. What you need to do is warm the product on your skin with the massage bar part of it, then make 2 holes on the indents at the top, and shake the dusting powder out to then spread on yourself to cover yourself in delectable shimmer. I'm not big on shimmer powders to be honest, but I do love a good massage bar. I would totally get this just as a massage bar to be honest because, I mean, hello–Twilight!

the 'naked' truth – final verdict

While it is a novel idea, there is a common problem that I see with all the 'Naked' products–storage. No packaging is great but a product, to a certain extent, needs some sort of protection from the elements, especially when they are meant to be used in the shower or on-the-go. Dust particles are everywhere and with how buttery the products are, I can't help but think that it can attract dust and nasties when not stored properly. Of course this goes back to the user, but LUSH should provide the tools necessary (i.e. reusable packaging) in order to protect their products.

At this moment, I am quite ambivalent about the products because of this very reason. The products themselves are great though and when LUSH does come out with reusable packaging for the products, you know I'll be first in line to get them. In the mean time, I think I will stick with their regular products.