LUSH's Holiday Standouts Guide

Holidays at LUSH can be fun and daunting at the same time–there's just so many things to choose from! Each year, LUSH comes out with old favourites as well as new innovations. This year, LUSH's headliners are their new 'Naked' products (which I've covered in another post), their new jelly products including their jelly face masks and jelly bombs, and seasonal bath and body products.

Those who know me know that I'm partial to LUSH's Twilight scent family. Sleepy Body Lotion and Twilight Body Spray have made it to their year-round lineup, but the Twilight Shower Gel, Twilight Sparkle Jar, and Luxury Lush Pud is a Christmas exclusive. There are also Christmas Gift Sets containing Twilight-scented products ranging from £16.95 to £44.95. The cheapest one, Starry Night, contains the Twilight 'Naked' Shower Gel and Sparkle Jar. To be honest with you, I'd rather get the Twilight Gift Set at £24.95, which has the Twilight Shower Gel, Body Spray, and Sleepy Body Lotion. All three of these products are amazing and, especially when layered, make you smell so nice and calm. To be honest, the most expensive set, The Man in the Moon, is just meh for me. There are a bit too many products inside and unless you're a big bath fan, it's not really gonna be as satisfying as layering all the different twilight scents and smelling nice while you binge watch shitty Halloween and holiday movies (not sure why you'd wanna binge that but you do you).

The bubblegum sweet scent of Snow Fairy has made itself cult status among LUSH fans. I've never been a huge fan but those who are will be happy to hear that there are a bunch of Snow Fairy-scented releases including new 'Naked' stuff and a Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb. I got to try the Jelly Bomb and it was not as viscous as Ectoplasm (which is a gooey mess reminiscent of Ghostbusters or Nickelodeon's Double Dare). For me, the fact that it wasn't as gooey is great since I'm not too fond of the slime actually. Also, it's pink.

For very Christmas-y products, the two reusable Magic Wands and Giant Golden Wonders are my top picks! There are two Reusable Bubble Bar Wands called Magic Wand, which smells like Snow Fairy and the pinkness of it makes me think of a fairy's wand, and The Magic of Christmas which is its glittery orange counterpart with a more warm cinnamon spice scent. These aren't the best performing bath products to be very honest, but the novelty of it makes a great gift especially for the little ones or the young at heart. Golden Wonder has been a Christmas staple but to make it even more special, why not have it even bigger right? Giant Golden Wonder is literally the same thing, but bigger and makes for a seemingly larger gift (with more fizz and colours of course). Something less festive but smells oh-so-good is Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb which smells fresh and citrusy with its lemon, lime and grapefruit scent. One that looks quite festive with all its golden glory but I'm not sure if it's part of the holiday collection is Sunnyside–an orangey citrus bubble bar that, when you see it, you can't help but sing you are gold! I was given this by LUSH and I've got to say, out of everything they gave out, this was my ultimate fave!

The Bewitched Bubble Bar from the Halloween line is also pretty cool because it turns your water glittery black while smelling like Bergamot and Blackberry. Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is also quite pretty and smells really nice and fresh. The beautiful orange is made even more beautiful by the golden sparkle surrounding it. To be honest, other than these, the other releases were quite lacklustre for Halloween and are overshadowed by the 'Naked' and Christmas releases.

Alongside the holiday-themed releases, they also came out with Volume IV of their Gorilla Perfumes which explores the idea and scent of 'home' and what it means to different people. LUSH perfumes, to be honest, are quite hit-or-miss for me. A lot of them are quite strong and while it does linger a long time, can become quite cloying. There's also a certain musky note that is definitive of nearly all of their perfumes–a striking contrast from their predominantly sweet, floral and gourmand fragrances from their bath lines. Volume IV is quite earthy and spicy, which really isn't my cup of tea. The scent I would prefer from the line would be Amelie Mae, however, I did try the Wash Card and I wasn't quite sold on the scent. Something about it was just a bit heavy.

Those are standout things from this year's holiday lines. Navigating can be confusing but LUSH makes it easy with the help of the store assistants. You could also check out All Things Lush UK to explore scent families and product reviews. Jen makes an amazing product index and literally has reviewed almost the whole LUSH line and releases throughout the years.