Obscure Brands Guide: Lipstick Queen

There is not a day that I am without lipstick on, even on lazy days at home. I started using lip colour daily when I was in middle school and I fell in love with how bright it made my complexion look. Ever since then, I've only grown my collection of lipstick–possibly having enough to last two lifetimes, and then some. I've tried a lot of lipsticks ranging from drugstore to high end and the only brand that has continually delivered for me is Lipstick Queen.

Brand 101

Lipstick Queen started when creator Poppy King failed to find her perfect lipstick in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. She shot to fame at the tender age of 18 with her first lipstick brand before having it fail and then creating a new lipstick brand, Lipstick Queen, at 2006. The brand was really the product of Poppy's passion for lipstick and how empowering she found lipstick to be. In an interview she did at the Fat Mascara Podcast (Episode 45: All In), she said that from the moment she first put on her mum's lipstick, she felt like she could take on the world. I'm sure this concept is very familiar to a lot of us. She says the three things she tries to put into her products (either/or) are exciting the imagination, solve a problem, and/or speak a truth. This concept is very much seen from her highly imaginative lipsticks such as Black Lace Rabbit, which is meant to be like black lace or stockings on your lips and Frog Prince, where the lipstick transforms from a green to a beautiful pink on your lips. Poppy believes that products need to genuinely be interesting and effective to make it in the market–I would say for a lot of her products, that is just the case.

Lipstick Queen has many different lipstick formulas and types to suit many different people, with the two largest ranges being the Saint lipsticks and Sinner lipsticks. Lipstick Queen, however, is very much known for their "imaginative lipstick range" where each lipstick is unique in finish, texture, and colour. Frog Prince has garnered quite a cult following because of its weird green colour that transforms into a rosebud shade on your lips. You can imagine it's quite popular on social media. The brand has recently branched out into liquid lipsticks but have somewhat failed to garner the cult following that a lot of other liquid lipsticks have. Of the whole line, I have 7 shades (one of which I gave to my sister so it isn't pictured) each from different ranges in the product line up.

Saint Lipsticks – Sheer Lipstick (10% Pigment)

The Saint Lipsticks have got to be my favourite from the whole line. I have the shade Saint Nude which is the perfect MLBB shade for me. It is not the brownish or pale pink nude that you would imagine, rather it is darker than most other nudes. It is more of a rose and because it is a sheerer formula, it will meld into your lips. That said, it is not the most sheer lipstick I own, in fact, it has quite a surprising amount of pigment. The texture is heavier and more syrup-like than most sheer lipsticks that give it a little grip to the lips that makes it last longer than other sheer lipsticks. It is quite possibly the most moisturising lipstick I've come across–enough that I don't have to prime my lips with lip balm like I usually do. There are a total of 21 shades in this range.

Sinner Lipsticks – Matte Opaque Lipstick (90% Pigment)

The Sinner lipstick that I own is the one I gave out to my sister because the colour didn't really suit me, but that's my own error in choosing a colour. The Sinner Lipsticks have the same transferrable colour range as Saint Lipsticks, however, due to its higher pigment content, will most likely look different on your lips. Sinner Nude was too dark for me so I gave it to my sister who has a darker complexion. I would say the formula is more of a demi-matte cream than a matte, though it is definitely opaque. It wears quite well throughout the day without drying my lips, although I would suggest wearing a blotted lip balm underneath just to keep your lips' texture nice and even.

Lipstick Chess – Matte Lipstick

Lipstick Chess is a fairly new addition to the range and is based on a concept of chess where you have your Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen and King, each with a description of your personality based on the colour. Mine is Pawn which means "Loyal", something I like to think that I am. Compared to the Sinner Lipsticks, the formula is a little more powdery and hence more matte, but is definitely not as drying as MAC's retro formulas and is more lightweight than MAC's mattes. This is definitely one that you'd need to wear a blotted lip balm underneath. Pawn is my perfect nude at the moment.

Jean Queen & Medieval

The reason I put these two unique lipsticks together is because they are similar in texture. They are both lightweight sheer lipsticks (more sheer and thin than the Saint lipsticks) that are very moisturising and semi-glossy. Jean Queen is described as the perfect shade to wear with denim. I would say it's a wonderful everyday pink that has just enough warmth and brightness to it to make it not look too "barbie pink". Medieval, on the other hand, is described as the perfect wearable red. On me, it is a super sheer cherry tint that leans more red when compared to Jean Queen. I would recommend not to wear anything underneath as it might make it hard for the lipstick to adhere to the lips given its really thin, sheer consistency. Because of its consistency it only lasts for about 1-2 hours depending on what you are doing (eating, drinking, etc.) and will need to be reapplied quite often. It is, however, quite moisturising.

Mornin' Sunshine

This is their newest lipstick that just launched spring this year and is part of their line of colour-changing lipsticks (alongside Hello Sailor and Frog Prince). Mornin' Sunshine is a bright yellow that transforms into a bright pink stain. On me, the shade is reminiscent of a pastel pink highlighter (the stationery not the makeup) I used to have back in high school. I feel like this would suit more fair skin-toned people. Any darker than me and it would look a bit off, I would say. The lipstick leaves a bit of a stain, is moderately moisturising and feel quite thin similar to Jean Queen and Medieval in consistency.

Saint & Sinner Lip Tint

The Saint & Sinner Lip Tint is, as its name suggests, a lip tint. It comes in four different shades: Rose, Wine, Deep Red, and Pinky Nude. As you'd guess, the colour I have is Rose, which gives a lovely bright rose colour to my lips. What is different from this and different lip tints is the fact that it leaves a sort of film on top of the tint that works to moisturise the lips. I find that it is somewhat of a middle ground between conventional lip tints like Benefit's many different tints and YSL's Vernis à Lèvres in consistency. The tint lasts quite a long time with it being fairly comfortable.

Overall, the brand gives quite a wide range of different lipsticks and finishes that you're bound to find something you like. I absolutely love the unique lipsticks that they come out with as all of them have a narrative that is unlike most other lipsticks in the market. Plus, they are one of the best lipstick formulas that I've come across hands down. At a moderate price point, these lipsticks are definitely worth a look. In the UK, they are available in most department stores like Selfridges and John Lewis, SpaceNK, and Cult Beauty.