Sleepy Kit For Those Sleepless Nights + Announcement!

Nearly everyone I know, including myself, is almost always knackered. With our busy lives and constant stress, it seems as if sleep has become almost secondary. While I never really had to stay up very late for my dissertation (I start early), the stress and anxiety made it hard for me to sleep. Not to mention the added distraction from the internet, Netflix, games, etc. For a while, I couldn't sleep until it was already 4 AM. I started to see my skin looking very dull and dry, tiny spots started to pop up, I felt very tired all the time, and never felt all that productive. I knew I had to change my mindset.

Most people need about an hour or two to unwind and relax before becoming sleepy. I make use of this time to surround myself with things that help me relax. I love putting on aromatherapy in my room (a bit extra, I know) but having that calming spa scent in my room really makes me feel at ease. Lavender scents seem to help, but I'm a Bergamot devotee. MUJI and AromaWorks do great essential oil combinations if you're on the hunt for blends.

For my body, I love LUSH's Sleepy body lotion. It has the softest, comforting, sweet lavender scent that is never overpowering. Some people say it cures insomnia and anxiety (refer to the reviews section). For me, it smells so warm and peaceful and it also really softens my skin while I sleep. It's definitely reminiscent of LUSH's Dream Cream in terms of consistency so it's very hydrating and almost leaves a little bit of oily residue, which is something I like at night because then I know it's going to keep my skin hydrated until the morning. For those wondering, Sleepy has the same scent as the cult fave Twilight scent family.

I recently discovered what I now call sleepy teas. These are teas that help promote drowsiness and quality sleep. I've tried some of the ones featured here on Healthyish and out of all the sleepy teas I've tried, Pukka's Night Time tea is by far the most delicious and effective (well, second most effective after Dr Stuart's Valerian Plus but that one smells like feet so no me gusta). The tea has oat flower, lavender, chamomile and valerian root among others (valerian root is known for its proven sedative effects, and the rest for their calming properties). The liquorice root in the tea also gives the tea a bit of a sweet aftertaste without sugar, making it taste great too. I usually get really sleepy about an hour or so after drinking the tea. It's really helped me readjust my sleep times and it also doesn't cause dependency either.

I do other things to help me get sleepy and pamper myself before bed but, being real, these are the things that I do (or have time to do) on a near-daily basis. I have to note that I am not medically diagnosed with having insomnia or anxiety, nor do I have a background in medical sciences or herbalism. I hope this can help you get your well-needed shuteye!


I have been keeping it on the DL for a bit now but I am excited to tell you that I have been invited to a LUSH Blogger Breakfast to showcase their new releases! I mean you guys know I love LUSH and all the things they stand for and honestly this is just the most exciting moment for me, I'm super happy to be invited and doesn't this make me a legit beauty blogger? AAAAAHHH!!!! I'll be posting more details on my Instagram and will be posting coverage of the event on the 6th of October. I'll also be planning to do a haul post and event coverage post after the breakfast so keep your eyes peeled! Thank you again to LUSH Newcastle for inviting me and letting me be a part of the event!