Travel Diaries 2017: London, Bath & Brighton


This spring break was a doozy. I got to travel to so many places in the span of two weeks and got to spend it with my lovely mother. We started our journey in London, then making short day trips to Bath and Brighton, two gorgeous cities not too far from London. We then headed out of the country and into beautiful Copenhagen in Denmark, for which my love for all things minimal, organic, and niche was fulfilled. After a few days in Copenhagen, we went to Prague

I've been to London quite a lot of times now, even finding that I am there at least once every three months. I love the city. It's my favourite in the world at the moment, even topping NYC! There's just so much culture in London. London districts remind me of Jakarta where if you go to another part of town, its like a whole different city altogether!

Because I've literally been to London quite a few times, I didn't take many pictures. Also, most of what we did was go shopping anyway since all of us has been to London already so we've got the sightseeing checked out from our other visit. I'll make a post about my favourite spots in London soon!


Honestly, being in Bath made me feel like I was in a romanticised (and modernised) Ancient Rome utopia. The architecture is just beautiful and truly distinct from the rest of England. There are many off-white and beige buildings and of course the famous Roman Baths which is the town's namesake. Bath is relatively small and you could definitely just do a day-trip there when its sunny. While you're in town, definitely check out Collona & Small's in Chapel Row for some nice specialty coffee in a really cute setting.


If you have childhood fantasies about festivals in the pier, reliving that vintage amusement park vibes, Brighton is definitely for you. It's a seaside resort town so expect to see a lot of B&Bs and local seafood restaurants (definitely recommend Melrose for a delicious seafood platter just across the sea). On the day that I went, it was cloudy, sadly, so a lot of my pictures look a tad grey. However, do come on a sunny day and enjoy doughnuts/churros on the pier (they taste quite home-y) or go for a walk on the beach. The Royal Pavilion Garden near the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is also a beautiful place to just sit and enjoy a good book.

Travel Diaries for Copenhagen & Prague coming up!